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When buying the tools of their trade, roofers need to know they are buying quality tools that are built to last. The job can’t be completed if tear-off tools fail. When there is a tool that is tough and helps the roofer work more efficiently with less physical stress, then they will want to check out every type of tool within that brand.

Shingle Eater roofing tools are known for their quality and design. Here are five suggestions to give your staff to upsell Shingle Eater roofing tools, create multi-item sales and repeat customers.

  1. The Tools are Built to Last.

Made with the highest-quality materials, Shingle Eater tools are tough and built to last. These tools outperform and outlast other tools on the market every time.

  1. Made in the USA.

These days, it is not easy to find products that are manufactured 100% in the United States. Shingle Eater is a family-owned company and their tools are made by Americans. The act of supporting the community where you live and buying local means something. Encourage your sales staff to tell customers that Shingle Eater believes in supporting local businesses and they manufacture their products 100% in the USA.

  1. Shingle Eater Tools Reduce Physical Stress and Fatigue.

Roofing is a physically demanding job. This company was founded by a contractor who recognized the need for ergonomically designed tools. Shingle Eater tools are designed with ergonomic features that reduce stress and physical fatigue. That means a safer work place.

  1. Ripping Shingles is Faster and Easier.

Ripping the shingles off of a roof can be time consuming and is hard work. It’s usually the least favorite part of the job. Shingle Eater tools are designed with a wider bottom that removes more shingles and nails with each pass. These tools are light but tough and with a little spring in the arm of the tool, removing shingles is easier.

  1. Removes Nail Along with Shingles

After ripping the shingles off the roof, the next step is to go back over the surface of the roof to remove the remaining nails. With the Shingle Eater roofing tool most nails are ripped out with the shingles. If there are a few stubborn nails remaining, another tool isn’t required. Simply flip the Shingle Eater tool over to use the built-in nail remover for those nails that are harder to remove.

The key to upselling products is product knowledge and information given to your staff. We want our dealers to succeed and we work every day to make that happen.

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