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Rising Costs and Skilled Labor Shortages- A Growing Concern

In recent years there’s been a widening gap between unemployment and job availability. The interesting part is that the gap isn’t because there aren’t enough jobs to go around, instead there are a plethora of jobs, but not enough workers to fill open positions. In...

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Cross Merchandising

Cross merchandising is a way to create interest in products that are related but would normally not be displayed together. An example is to add Safety Buckets in close proximity to the Shingle Eater display (see image 1). Or tools used to clean up the work site worked...

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Investing in Customer Service Training

Retail customer service starts with eye contact. Making eye contact tells the customer you see them and are ready to help. If you are busy with another customer, eye contact and a quick head nod lets them know you’ll be with them ASAP. Customers interact with your...

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Why Roofers Love Shingle Eater Roofing Tools

Shingle Eater roofing tools rip off the old shingles quicker and easier. There is a slight spring in the steel handle to assist in pulling up the shingles and nails. The type of steel utilized allows the steel in the handle and the footplate to flex under pressure.

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5 Ways to Help Staff Upsell Shingle Eater Tools

When buying the tools of their trade, roofers need to know they are buying quality tools that are built to last. The job can’t be completed if tear-off tools fail. When there is a tool that is tough and helps the roofer work more efficiently with less physical stress,...

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Marketing Your Business Doesn’t Require a Big Budget

There are so many ways to market your business, especially in the age of digital marketing. It may feel overwhelming but the basics of marketing remain the same: create a marketing plan that supports the goals of your business, build a realistic budget to support the...

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