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6126JR Shingle Eater Junior


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The Shingle Eater Junior is recommended for roofing renovation in tight areas around skylights or chimneys, valleys where peaks meet.

Though small in size, the 6126 JR Shingle Eater Junior looms large as a shingle remover. A versatile and truly impressive tool, the 6126 JR is a roofing spade that has appeal for everyone in the roofing and remodeling business. As a result of this widespread appeal, this miniature tear off shovel is a welcome addition to a distributor’s inventory as well.

A Unique Tool With Multiple Uses

The 6126 is unlike any shingle remover you’ve ever used.  Here are some of the unique features that make the 6126 such a useful tool:

  • Compact, 23″ handle for precise navigation of tight areas
  • 4 corrugated steel teeth for maximum ripping power
  • Lightweight, durable, and made of high-quality steel

A Compact Shingle Remover That Does What Others Can’t

As you can probably see, the 6126 JR is a specialized tear off shovel. While its small size is a benefit in many areas, the 6126 JR is not designed for massive demolition or roof removal jobs.  We offer several shingle eaters that are more appropriate to these larger, coarser -grained jobs.

But this definitely doesn’t mean that the 6126 Jr is an extraneous tool.  It’s not something you’ll pull out once a year and regret buying either.  There’s a reason it’s one of our top sellers– almost every job you’ll ever work requires the type of detail work that only the 6126 JR is capable of.

Here’s what we mean.  The 6126 JR is recommended for roofing and renovation in tight areas, such as around skylights, chimneys, or valleys where peaks meet.  While a bigger roofing spade would make a mess of these situations, the 6126 JR handles them with ease.  Simply put, it’s a tool that no roofer can do without. Shingle Eater offers the very best in roofing tools. Contact us today for ordering information.

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