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6128 Shingle Eater Short & Narrow


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If you’re working on a small garage, a steep peak, or difficult areas near the ridge or edge or between peaks, the smaller 7″ footplate is often easier to manipulate.

A Much Needed Tool in Your Roofing Arsenal

There’s no doubt about it– you won’t find a roofing shovel that’s more useful than the 6128 Shingle Eater Short and Narrow. This is especially true if you’re doing a roof removal on a small garage or any structure with steep peaks. As you’ll be able to tell from the following specs, this is a tool that’s designed for specialty tear offs:

  • 36.5″ Handle and smaller 7″ footplate for easy manipulation
  • Perfect for Steep and Hard To Reach Areas
  • Good for roof removal between peaks, gutters, and downspouts

But although the 6128 is thought of as specialty roofing shovel, that doesn’t mean you’ll only use it occasionally. As any experienced roofer will tell you, almost every structure they work on involves hard to reach spaces where only a nimble tool like the 6128 can be effective.

The Perfect Roofing Shovel For Distributors as Well

The 6128 Short and Narrow has great appeal for distributors as well. First, its effectiveness on job sites ensures that you’ll have repeat business from your retailers. Like all Shingle Eater tools, the 6128 Shingle Eater Short and Narrow offers great profit margins and is manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A. Your inventory of this great tool will turn over quickly because there won’t be dissatisfied customers or frustrating returns. Last but not least, the 6128 lends itself well to attractive and painless store displays.

Like all of our high-quality tools, the shipping costs of the 6128 allow distributors to order in small or large quantities without overpaying.  Throw in our great discounts for first-time customers and you’ll see why the 6128 is the best roofing shovel value in its class. Shingle Eaters is your one-stop shopping site for the best roofing equipment in the business. Contact us today to find out what our tools can do for you.

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