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6130 Shingle Eater D Handle Steep Slope


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This version most closely resembles the 6127 tool, a better length for roofers under 6 feet.

The 6130 D Shingle Eater D Handle Steep Slope is a shingle removal tool that we’re very proud of. We worked for over 2 years to get the D handle design exactly right, and roofers have been very impressed with our craftsmanship so far. Additionally, contractors say it’s comfortable to use. One reason for this is the better leverage their body weight can achieve with the D handle.

For a spade shovel, it doesn’t get any better than the 6130 D. Here are just a few of this impressive tool’s features:

  • 46.5″ length
  • 10″ Footplate
  • Steel D handle
  • Slides easily under shingles
  • No sharp angles

A Required Shingle Removal Tool For Roofers and Distributors Alike

Personal testimony proves that the 6130 D is a spade shovel that will always be in demand. According to John Ipswich out of Massachusetts: “I was skeptical at first because I’ve been using the traditional Shingle Eater for over 20 years, but I loved this new tool.  It was more accurate.  I felt like I had more control over where I was targeting the tear-off.  And no blisters, because it has a shovel handle.”

Mr. Ipswich is not alone in believing that the 6130 D Shingle Eater D Handle Steep Slope is the perfect roof shingle shovel for his business.  Contractors and roofers all over the country feel exactly the same way about all of our products, and the 6130 D is no exception.

With all these selling points going for it, the 6130 D is a no- risk roof shingle shovel and a product you’ll want to order frequently. Don’t worry though– with all the repeat business and low shipping costs, frequent orders won’t be a problem.  Please contact Shingle Eaters today for ordering and other information.


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