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8126 Renovator 90 Tall Demo


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Our 8126 Large Demo Eater was recently developed to fill the gap for more serious roofing projects, as well as interior demolition. The 55″ angled handle and 10″ footplate make it most similar to our best-selling Shingle Eater 6126. What sets this tool apart is the footplate welded at a 90-degree angle which provides a striking/kicking surface, and footplate reinforced with welded gussets for additional prying power.

Because of our product improvements, many roofers and GCs are considering this model the “new and improved” Shingle Eater. This multipurpose tool is perfect for remodeling, refurbishing projects. It does weigh close to 8 lbs. due to the additional steel and welds, with the weight balanced at the footplate; instead of lifting, you’ll slide the foot.  Excellent prying leverage from the ergonomic handle. Great if you hit multiple layers of shingles, a rotten roof deck, or other surprises during your interior remodeling projects.

This tool is a great bet for contractors, crews, and distributors alike. Here’s a quick list of specs and features that make the 8126 Renovator Tall Demo Eater one of the best roofing tear-off tools on the market.

  • 53″-54″ Handle, 10 Teeth
  • Reinforced Fulcrum, 90* Angle
  • Remodeling and repair jobs
  • Tallest multi-purpose demo tool on the market


A New Breed of Roofing Tear Off Tools

Our 8126 Large Demo was developed for use in both serious roofing projects and interior demolitions. With it’s 55” angled handle and 10” footplate, you can think of the 8126 as an enhanced version of our best selling Shingle Eater 6126.

It’s the 8126’s footplate that sets it apart from another roofing tear-off tools. Its 90-degree angle weld provides an ample striking/kicking surface. Welded gussets reinforce the footplate to give the 8126 additional prying power.

With these improvements, many roofers and general contractors consider the 8126 as the ‘new and improved’ shingle stripper. This multipurpose tool is perfect for refurbishing and remodeling projects. With its additional steel welds, the 8126 does weigh close to 8 lbs, with the bulk of the weight balanced on the footplate.

This structure means that the 8126 requires sliding the foot instead of lifting. The ergonomic handle allows for excellent prying leverage, making the 8126 an excellent way to deal with multiple layers of shingles, rotted roof decks, and other unwelcome remodeling surprises.

A Great Value For Distributors as Well

If you’re a new customer, you can stock up on the 8126 with a small initial investment. The savings also extend to repeat customers, especially when you factor in the low shipping costs. All in all, the 8126 is just a roof stripping shovel no distributor or crew can do without.

Please contact Shingle Eater today for more information on the 8126 or any of our products. We look forward to hearing from you!

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