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8130D – Demo D Roof Tools


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Our customers are growing attached to the D handled version of our 6127 tool, and we’ve had multiple requests for a Demo Eater D handled. They are individually made, so lengths may vary up to 1″.

Shingle Eater roofing and demo tools are the best in the business, and the 8130D is no exception. There’s simply no better shingle removal shovel on the market. It’s a piece of roofing equipment that both crew members and distributors have become quite attached to since it was first developed.

A Shingle Removal Shovel That’s Second To None

Here’s just a sample of what the 8130d Demo Eater D has going for it:

  • Wide D-Shaped steel grip
  • 53″-“54” handle and 10 teeth
  • Reinforced fulcrum and a 90-degree angle
  • Excellent for both remodeling and repair jobs

The 8130D is essentially a D-handled version of our 6127 tool.  Although it does weigh a bit more than other shingle removal tools– approximately 8 1/2 pounds– the extra weight is well-balanced and will give you excellent prying leverage.  These qualities make the 8130D the best roofing tear off shovel on both the retail and the wholesale markets.

A Worry-Free Product For Distributors

You’ve already seen why crews are so devoted to using the 8130D for remodeling and renovation projects. This is the leading reason that this multipurpose tool is a great investment for distributors. For a small investment, you’ll be delivering them by the dozens as soon as your retailers realize they’re available. In fact, the 8130D Demo Eater D is a tool that takes the worry out of buying in bulk.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to establish your initial supply. In addition to the discounts, we offer to new customers, Shingle Eater’s low shipping costs make it easy to buy in small quantities. With all this in mind, we hope it’s easy to see why Shingle Eaters should be your first stop for roofing equipment. Contact us today for additional information.

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