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Roofer Testimonials


“Shingle Eaters can greatly reduce stripping time. I highly recommend them.” Chris Rice, Appalachian Mountain Club

“10 square feet in less than an hour”

Rick LeBlanc with his  son Randy – Property Solutions

“Shingle Eaters are the only brand I’ll buy. Me and my crew tried all kinds of tear-off spades from the {Big Box Stores} and either the handles will bend or the teeth will snap. Our favorites are definitely the yellow ones with the red handles–Shingle Eaters. They work the best and they last.”

Michael Rabski – All Seasons Roofing

“Love your tool. It is the best tool of its kind out there. I currently have close to 20 of ’em. In biz 17 years now, won’t use any other tool for tear-offs. We tear off BUR, shingles, shakes, modified, etc. with your tools. We do about 100-125 roofs a year. A Shingle Eater usually gets replaced every year…I am much more productive with your equipment than any I have tried.”

Andy Schindler –, Clearfield, UT

“Get the right tool for the job the first time, and it will save you time.”

Bob Dymon – Dymon Builders,

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me find a dealer in my area that sells your Shingle Eater. I bought one as I had a house to roof over the weekend. I have been borrowing my friend’s Shingle Eater for years. I know most people dread tearing off a roof, but the shingle eater does make the job a lot easier. The design reduces back stress thus keeping you going longer with less fatigue. Thank you again for your help and for making a great quality product.”

Martin Sipperley, Genoa, OH Aug ’08

“Mostly we do tear-offs. We use only Shingle Eaters because you know they work the best. We wear them until the are no teeth, then go out and buy new ones from Harvey.”

Mike Burbank – Owner, Superior Roofing, Whitinsville, MA

“We have been roofing on Long Island, NY for the past 16 years and have used various demo tools and ripping bars. By far, thewse yellow shingle eaters give the best durability and strength. Other bars will actually bend or bow, making it impossible to get the nails and adding time and effort to your job. These bars have been a valuable asset to my company and I would recommend them to anyone whose business is ripping and replacing roofs.”

Mike Moje, Mr. Mojo’s Roofing

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