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Although we may not know it, technology is influencing every single aspect of our daily lives. More and more primary schools have smart TVs and iPads for each student to use. Doctors are taking notes on tablets instead of writing them down. You can even put your photo into an app and it will show you the best eyeglasses for your face type and let you order those glasses by pushing a button.

Utilizing technology showcases your company’s ability to embrace change, and often attracts the next generation of workers, whether in offices or on the construction site. Because the young workforce is entrenched in technology, they want to see that your company is adaptable. It gives future workers an opportunity to showcase their skillset; which you will need to stay competitive.

Technology is entrenched in both our homes and our businesses. The construction industry is no exception.

3D Renderings

One way that technology has impacting the construction industry is through the ability to have full insight on a job prior to starting it. Using 3D renderings can give project managers a complete look at a plan from start to finish. They can successfully predict the needs of the project, including materials and labor. By having full transparency, project timelines can be shaved, saving time and money.

Tablets and GPS Tracking

Using tools such as tablets on a construction project can also be handy for every person from general contractors to subcontractors. Equipment manufacturers are even starting to utilize tablets as a selling point. These tablets are complete with GPS systems for drivers so that they will have a hands-free way of finding a construction site. Many also accept payments on behalf of their respective companies. GPS tracking can also show where equipment is in relation to a job site. This can cut down on costly thefts and help with time management by being able to predict when a piece of equipment will arrive.

Drones and Action Cameras

Being able to capture a job site and the live movements of workers on site can have so many benefits beyond the construction project. Motion camera action can be used for later projects as well as future marketing materials such as social media photos and videos. Action cameras (such as go pros) and drones enable managers to see potential mishaps on a jobsite such as injuries or misconduct. Drone footage can also help architects and engineers prior to the start of a project by helping them understand the landscape and potential issues that may arise.


While smartphones have been a huge added value to most people’s personal lives, they can also be extremely valuable on a construction site. Smartphones allow you to easily communicate with the workforce on the site. Workers can also effortlessly take quick photos or videos needed. Now that there are wireless headsets, construction workers can communicate on their devices while being safe on site. With the increase of apps available for speedy food order delivery, everyone working on a job site will never go hungry (added bonus)!

As technology continues to become more advanced, every industry will continue to use these new developments to help them become more efficient. Construction is an industry that technology thankfully can’t fully take over, but it certainly adds a huge value to it.

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