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Distributor Testimonials


“Shingle Eater tools move. We only carry Shingle Eater.”

Frank V. – WeatherPanel, Buffalo, NY Distributor

“I have been selling Shingle Eaters exclusively for years. We have to have them because that’s what our contractors request.”

B&L Wholesale, Rochester, NY

“They are well made tools and we appreciate the fact that contractors look for your label. We move a lot of shingles and choose to sell Shingle Eaters exclusively. It’s what our contractors ask for.”

Alside Supply, Cheektowaga, NY

“Most of my contractors ask for Shingle Eaters. I’ve tried 5 or 6 other tools and they’ve just sat here.”

Mark Wilson – ABC Supply Co., Waterbury, CT

   “Shingle Eaters have been a household name for so long, our local   contractors won’t buy anything else.”

Allied Building Products, New Jersey.

“I’ve been a manager within the roofing supply industry for over 18 years, and I know what my customers want. Thanks.”

John – Pace Supply (now Heritage)

“I have been selling tear-off tools for 20 years and Shingle Eaters are far more dependable than any other tool.”

Karl J Harring – Sunniland, Bradenton, FL

We sell Shingle Eater tools because my customers will make the extra effort to come to us for the quality they can trust, and they insist on American Made products.”

-Jason, Tools Plus, CT


“The reason that a lot of roofers like using a shovel or pitchfork for the tear-off is that it can reach underneath the shingles and allow you to pry up a huge swath of them. The Shingle Eater uses that same principle and offers a longer “duckbill” that slides deeply under the shingles and lets you pry up a large, continuous chunk of them at once.

Thanks to the ten heat-tempered teeth, you get a better grip on the nails and can lift them out with the shingles, which saves you time over having to come back through and clean up the little nails that otherwise get left behind.

There is a nail remover on the backside of the tool so you can easily pry up those stubborn nails.

The handle is also longer than the others on this list. At 55 inches, it provides excellent, deep, leverage. It is part crowbar, part roofing shovel, giving you heavy-duty performance that is unmatched in the other tools.

The Shingle Eater doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some of the other tools on the list.  However, the fixed head provides one less point of failure, which is handy if you are doing a hundred roofs a year.

However, you don’t need any of these features. What you need is a powerful tool that will let you move a massive amount of shingles in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. This might be the only tool that does that.”



“To perform a roof tear off quick and effective, you need the best shingle removal tool to tear off all the existing roofing materials. Absolutely everything needs to be removed from the roof: shingles, nails, staples, paper, adhesives and more.

In the end, you want to leave a clean deck that’s ready for laying new shingles.

Stripping off an old roof is the toughest part of roofing, you need to be prepared with the right roofer tools, safety equipment,  and proper workwear: long-sleeved shirts, long pants, roofing gloves.

After weeks of research, we picked our favorite roofing removal tools and pry bars available on the market. If you want to see what was the criteria we used for choosing our picks, check out the section at the end.

Basically, a roofing removal tool should be lightweight, sturdy, easy and comfortable to maneuver. It should also be featured with teeth specifically designed to pull up nails in one motion…

The “Shingle Eater” is well-known in the roofing world and it’s clearly one of the most popular tear off shovels available on the market. These shovels are manufactured in the United States and build with rugged high-quality materials. This shingle remover shovel is well-built with an ergonomic and comfortable design. It’s easy to maneuver and light enough to make it comfortable for you to hold it all day long. It’s nice that the tool does its job just as well even if the roofer is standing down.The Shingle Eater slides further under the shingles and scrapes off any materials that stand in its way.  It preys out almost every nail it hits, including 16d nails. The shovel scrapes off multiple layers of shingles, staples, paper, membranes.  It comes in a wide range of sizes from junior small sized to longer models.

Finally, the weight is spot on, heavy enough to scrape off anything it touches, yet light enough to be comfortable and easy to operate without getting you too tired.”

-Best Roofing Best-shingle-remover

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