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Distributor Testimonials


“Shingle Eater tools move. We only carry Shingle Eater.”

Frank V. – WeatherPanel, Buffalo, NY Distributor

“I have been selling Shingle Eaters exclusively for years. We have to have them because that’s what our contractors request.”

B&L Wholesale, Rochester, NY

“They are well made tools and we appreciate the fact that contractors look for your label. We move a lot of shingles and choose to sell Shingle Eaters exclusively. It’s what our contractors ask for.”

Alside Supply, Cheektowaga, NY

“Most of my contractors ask for Shingle Eaters. I’ve tried 5 or 6 other tools and they’ve just sat here.”

Mark Wilson – ABC Supply Co., Waterbury, CT

   “Shingle Eaters have been a household name for so long, our local   contractors won’t buy anything else.”

Allied Building Products, New Jersey.

“I’ve been a manager within the roofing supply industry for over 18 years, and I know what my customers want. Thanks.”

John – Pace Supply (now Heritage)

“I have been selling tear-off tools for 20 years and Shingle Eaters are far more dependable than any other tool.”

Karl J Harring – Sunniland, Bradenton, FL

We sell Shingle Eater tools because my customers will make the extra effort to come to us for the quality they can trust, and they insist on American Made products.”

-Jason, Tools Plus, CT

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