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Meet Tony Altenritter, Eagle Nail and Tool.

Tony knows first-hand how the waves of the economy can have positive and negative effects on an industry, including construction.  “I was a roofing contractor in Michigan near Flint for about 7 years. When the big auto companies started laying off employees, they would go out and buy tools, and find work in construction with no employees, no insurance, no overhead. I couldn’t compete. So, when my uncle proposed I move to the East coast and become more involved in the family business, it seemed like the right move for me and my family,” he stated during our conversation. This move would start Tony on the path to become owner of Eagle Nail & Tool Supply.
Tony has been in the tool supply business for enough years to know what it takes to run a successful small business, keeping customers happy day in and day out. He also understands the essential role that reputation plays in a business. Reputation is key, and Eagle Nail & Tool stands by the one they’ve made!  “We are a family owned business. Everyone knows me and my employees by name. If something leaves my store and a customer doesn’t like it, you can be sure they will let me know.” In all the time that we’ve worked with Tony and his team, we’ve known him to be an upstanding person who puts the needs of his customers first because without them, there would be no business to lead. “Eagle makes sure that our customers are covered from the time that they walk through the door all the way through the life of their tools.” In fact, Eagle Nail & Tool has a customer wall that showcases the faces of loyal customers they’ve gathered over the years.
Why is Eagle Nail & Tool one of Shingle Eater’s most valued partners? We share the same values about meeting the needs of our customers each and every time we make contact with them. “You know, a lot of people in retail think you need to offer a “good, better, best.”  In the end, “good” costs you and your employees time and resources. If you sell “Good” and your customer is left unhappy, it becomes more difficult to rebuild that trust, and for me, it’s not worth it,” Tony believes.
Thanks Tony for taking time out to talk to us! We look forward to many more years with you!
Want to learn more about Eagle Nail & Tool Supply? Visit one of their two locations in Delaware or check them out online at

Meet Jon Goldfuss, Newcastle Building Products, White Plains, NY.
Interviewed by Aisha Bussey, written by Charlene Doherty

Newcastle Building products is a full-service roofing supplier which has expanded over 40 years to 18 store locations in 6 states. Like many of our customers, Jon was introduced to the building industry through family, after being hired by his father 50+ years ago. Hard-edged and humble, I have personally known Jon for more than a decade. He understates his value and contribution to the business, yet insiders know his level of commitment and hard work he dedicates to growing this thriving business. When asked the best thing about his job, Jon responded, (perhaps a bit sarcastically) “sales and purchasing.” Having been working with Shingle Eaters since our inception, Jon knows what makes Shingle Eater better is, in his words, “the strength of the tool and how well it’s made.” Plus “I like to buy American Made Stuff,” Jon added about his commitment to Shingle Eaters. Always a gentleman, Jon, we appreciate your honesty. We also appreciate you for holding us accountable for our product and performance. Most importantly, we thank you for making us smile regularly with your wit and quick comebacks. Let’s get back to work!

Meet Scott Pitkin of Roofers Supply, Salt Lake City, Utah and hear about his Visit 2 Portland.

A few months back, we ran a contest offering a weekend in Portland Maine for our Shingle Eater customers. Our winner, chosen at random, was Scott Pitkin from Roofers Supply in Salt Lake City, Utah. He and his wife Stacey explored plenty of local sites and landmarks. We truly enjoyed getting to know Scott and Stacey, and are so happy they were able to enjoy a weekend in New England. Scott has been with Roofers Supply for more than a decade, and has been working with Shingle Eater ever since!


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