Tools designed for Contractors, By Contractors™

Ripping off the old shingles and removing the nails is usually the least favorite part of putting on a new roof. For that reason alone, any tool that makes ripping off the shingles easier and faster will always become a roofer’s favorite tool. That’s just one reason why roofers love Shingle Eater roofing tools.

While there are many rippers available, Shingle Eater roofing tools not only rip off the old shingles quicker and easier, the job becomes less physically demanding when using these tools. There is a slight spring in the steel handle to assist in pulling up the shingles and nails. The type of steel utilized allows the steel in the handle and the footplate to flex under pressure. A nail remover on the back side of the tool removes really stubborn nails. The best feature is the ergonomic design because it reduces physical stress and fatigue.

Shingle Eater tools are light yet tough because they are constructed with the highest-quality materials. The wider footplate strips more shingles at a time, while pulling nails too. The superior design and materials used to manufacture Shingle Eater roofing tools make them tough and efficient. Beats the competition every time!

This family-owned business operates and manufactures in the United States. That fact alone can be reason enough to choose products from Shingle Eater, it also provides the opportunity to maintain the highest level of quality control. They take pride in manufacturing the best tools and providing personalized service for their dealers. Their commitment to honest and transparent business interactions creates loyalty to the products and the company.

Shingle Eater roofing tools are designed for contractors by contractors. They’ve trademarked this tagline for a reason.  They know how much contractors rely on their tools to get the job done. And, they keep their promises to provide high quality tools with functionality and efficiency in mind.


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