Slide Your roofing customers demand Shingle Eater tools! Fill out a quick credit application below to become a distributor. APPLY BELOW Slide For over 40 years we have committed ourselves to manufacturing the best quality roofing tools. ABOUT US Slide Our family of 3000 distributors is constantly growing. Here is a list of some of our North American distributors. FIND A DISTRIBUTOR


With over 3,000 distributors across the country, we understand what makes a successful product. Most of our dealers have been showcasing our tools for decades. We have built our dealer network by listening to our customers, focusing on customer service, and making it easy and profitable to do business with us. In return, our relationships have helped Shingle Eater to improve our product offering.

Our reputation is what sets Shingle Eater apart, and has for almost 40 years. We love manufacturing the highest quality tools, and are proud to explain how our efficient processes and personal customer relationships have led to the strongest, most efficient, and most innovative roof stripping shovel available…exclusively through authorized distributors.


“Selling Shingle Eaters since 2004, better quality tools take a beating. Our guys come in here and they know what they want.”


“There are few tools that totally exceed your expectations. This is one of them.”


“We’ve been selling Shingle Eaters for 25+ years, and customers ask for them by name. These tools have bene tried and tested.”

Distributor Application

To qualify as one of our authorized distributors, you must be a wholesaler and distributor of exterior building products. We require a Credit Application, W-9 Federal Tax ID, AND State Resale Certificate. We do NOT sell directly to Roofing Companies or Roofers.

For Application information, CONTACT US: