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    Distributor's Testimonials


    "Shingle Eater tools move. We only carry Shingle Eater."

    Frank V. - WeatherPanel, Buffalo, NY Distributor

    "I have been selling Shingle Eaters exclusively for years. We have to have them because that's what our contractors request."

    B&L Wholesale, Rochester, NY

    "They are well made tools and we appreciate the fact that contractors look for your label. We move a lot of shingles and choose to sell Shingle Eaters exclusively. It's what our contractors ask for."

    Alside Supply, Cheektowaga (Buffalo), NY

    "Most of my contractors ask for Shingle Eaters. I've tried 5 or 6 other tools and they've just sat here."

    Mark Wilson - ABC Supply Co., Waterbury, CT

       "Shingle Eaters have been a household name for so long, our local   contractors won't buy anything else."

     ABC Supply Co, New Jersey.

    "I've been a manager within the roofing supply industry for over 18 years, and I know what my customers want. Thanks."

    John - Pace Supply (now Heritage)

    "I have been selling tear-off tools for 20 years and Shingle Eaters are far more dependable than any other tool."

    Karl J Harring - Sunniland, Bradenton, FL

    We sell Shingle Eater tools because my customers will make the extra effort to come to us for the quality they can trust, and they insist on American Made products."

    -Jason, Tools Plus, CT